Silver Sculpture
About the Artist

Hand crafted objects for special occasions and adornment

I love to make things from precious metals (and occasionally from fabric too!). Silver and gold are magical materials for me - soft enough to be transformed with a hammer and anvil into an endless variety of forms and objects; hard enough for the form to be sound; with reflective properties that enhance the final form.

Working with a hammer to transform these materials is a fascinating process for me. The material changes shape before my eyes - often in unexpected ways. Frequently it is these unexpected changes that provide the most exciting aspects of the final form, but I have to be open to see their potential and let go of my preconceived ideas. The shape of the space between the metal elements or the shadow the piece makes are often as important to the piece as the form of the metal itself.

Creating these objects is also a playful act for me which shows in some of the results; the movement of a vase when touched; theapparent precarious balance of a vessel on its base; the random pattern between the elements of a bracelet; the zigzag form of a necklace.

Everything I create is individually hand crafted from sheet or wire, and each piece is unique. I am most satisfied when the object I have created is both pleasing to look at and to use - as an article of adornment; a container for flowers or candles; a vessel for a special or ceremonial occasion.


Primarily self taught.
Trained in workshops at Penland, Haystack and Touchstone craft schools.
Proffessional Associations
Juried member of Virginia Association of Artisans.
Washington Guild of Goldsmiths
Society of North American Goldsmiths
Richmond Craftsman's Guild
Special Merit Award, Springfiled (Illinois) Art Association,
Liturgical and Sacred Art, May 2008

Juror's Special Recognition Award, Washington Guild of Goldsmiths, 2005

Functional Metal Prize, Craft and Design Show, 2005

Featured on cover of "The Living Church" magazine 5/2/2004
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Precious Metal Design Award, Craft & Design Show, 2003

2nd place, Richmond Craftsman's Guild 2003 show.

2nd place, "Art for Living" at Artisan's Center of Virginia, 2002

Best in Show, Richmond Craftsman's Guild 1998 show